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Our core product is MindPlay Connections™ which is essentially 25-30 downloadable pages of exercises in four main categories. Science tells us that the brain craves novelty. If you faithfully complete a daily crossword puzzle or Sudoku exercise, congratulations, BUT you are only developing one part of your brain. MindPlay Connections™ offers variety.


cover_ColorMeBeautifulWe usually create activities based on a theme. As the samples that follow illustrate, a theme of “color” can be used in many ways.


Trivia quiz— One delight of trivia is that topic choices are limitless: from the history of beer to early occupations of celebrities.

Imaginativereminiscence activities — George Scialabba suggested that “Imagination is intelligence having fun.” This section varies from resurrecting memories to imagining possibilities. Write down your thoughts and/or share your ideas with others.

Read and discuss topic — Here we summarize an intriguing topic and then ask for your opinions and experiences related to the story. It’s a great conversation starter at the dinner table, in the waiting room, for a group needing fresh ideas, and anyone else tired of talking about the weather.

Word puzzle— This section consists of a wide range of word games except crossword puzzles and word searches, because they can be found everywhere. This is also where you will find lots of puns and punch lines.



The answers to trivia quizzes and word games are always given at the end of the exercises, because we don’t expect you to know it all. Our goal is to arouse your curiosity, to have you say, “I never thought of it like that!” And remember that looking up information – that is, learning something new – creates new pathways in the brain.

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cover_22CreativeTrainingTipsv3 (2)We can also incorporate a “color” theme into:


We can take this theme even further by talking about unusual brains, such as writing a discussion about people with synesthesia who see letters and numbers as colors or recommending tablet apps that let people play with colors such as This Is Sand.


We might also carry on that theme in our free newsletter called Just a Bite. (Sign up below) or in our blog,, as you can see here.


Because nurturing our sense of humor is essential to vital aging, many of our exercises such as this word game about Tom Swifties and this example from our second blog,, focused on knitting insurrections, incorporate humor.


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