Three words describe my goals
in everything I create:

Ha-ha    Ah-ha    Aaaahhh

Ha-ha – Laughter literally freshens our thinking. Relaxed learners learn more,

Ah-ha – Stay curious. Keep learning. When you learn something new, your brain grows new dendrites, meaning it makes new connections, new pathways.

Aaaahhh – is that wonderful feeling when you have gotten lost in the pleasure of doing something you enjoy. Time flows.

This is my mantra:

Laughter builds rapport.
Rapport builds trust.
Trust builds relationships.

Fun is clear. So where do Nature and nurture fit in?

They begin with the story of the Garden of Eden. I have always admired Eve for her boldness in biting into the apple representing the Tree of Knowledge. Curiosity is what keeps us alive and vibrant, (And why an apple is Wiser Now’s icon.) The richness of gardens – of all of Nature – has been appreciated from the beginning of humankind. Nature features prominently in much of what I write about and advocate, because Nature itself is nurturing. And this website is also meant to nurture whoever visits. It’s a safe and welcoming place where we delight in the individuality of one another.

About Me, Kathy Laurenhue:

Let’s face it. I’ve aged into the aging industry. I began my career working with seniors decades ago when I wasn’t one. (The picture at left is unretouched, but extremely well lit,) An earlier version of this website aimed at professionalism. I am still creative, reliable, and easy to work with. I’ve written books and received awards, and you can read about that side of me by clicking on the link below to my resume. But here and now, what I’d most like you to know is this: Cheerfulness and being in good humor as often as I can manage is what has gotten me through the tragedies in my life. Those characteristics and a healthy dose of good fortune have also brought me amazing family and friends that have enriched my life beyond measure. Everything I do is aimed at cultivating community and connection. That to me is the meaning and goal of life. Welcome to my world.

Click here for my RESUME in pdf format.