Three words describe our goals
in everything we create:




Ha-ha – We design our activity exercises to be fun, first, because relaxed learners learn more, and second, because people who are having fun exercise more often and longer. Plus, laughter brings oxygen to the brain to literally “freshen” your thinking.

Ah-ha – We expose you to new information and new ideas aimed at arousing your curiosity; when you learn something new, your brain grows new dendrites, meaning it makes new connections, or grows new pathways.

Aaaahhh indicates you have gotten lost in the pleasure of doing something you enjoy. Time flows.


This is our mantra:

Laughter builds rapport.
Rapport builds trust.
Trust builds relationships.


About Kathy:

I define CEO as the Chief Enthusiasm Officer. Throughout my life, I have been known for my highly practical and invariably upbeat style that provides maximum learning in an enjoyable format. Even when the topic is serious, (as it tends to be when I am developing aging well courses as an instructional technologist) my goal is always to help people connect to one another by tapping into their sense of humor, their stories, and their curiosity about the wider world.

My curiosity is a trait inherited from my father, which explains the wide scope of my mind play materials. From my ever-cheerful mother, I inherited my desire to make light of all possible situations. (You can always cry later.)

If you can find the funny side of anything, you have poked a ray of sunshine through the pervasive dark clouds overhead, and chances are, you will come up with a survival plan next.

My ideas come from an incredible number of people and places. I have been blessed with wonderful colleagues and mentors, and own a wealth of games, puzzles and books. Both the people and the resources in my life are constantly expanding, for which I am eternally grateful.

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