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Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play for all agesprint – Would you like to find unusual ways to stimulate and express gratitude that are more playful and fun than keeping a journal? What we are grateful for makes us smile, puts us in good humor, and lightens our mood. It creates delight in our minds, and this book provides dozens of tangible examples for making that unexpected joy concrete. It works with all ages and intergenerationally. You need this jump start to gratitude glee.

Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play for all agesKindle


What’s Left? – Holidays and Seasonsprint – This entirely original secret code puzzle book asks readers to cross out the words suggested by the clues in order to reveal an amusing or inspiring quotation related to a calendar celebration. Suitable for all ages. One of my favorite kind of word games.

What’s Left? – Holidays and Seasonsebook



Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – An ABC Guideprint – Essential Alzheimer’s guidelines featuring the author’s trademark blend of practicality and lightheartedness. This book provides both family and professional caregivers palatable and compassionate advice and answers that can be instantly put to use. Main topics: common forms of dementia, patterns of progression, the logic behind behaviors, effective communication.

Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – An ABC GuideKindle

Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – An ABC Guide – Audiobook


Activities of Daily Living – an ADL Guide to Alzheimer’s Careprint – The companion book to Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – an ABC Guide,” this book covers the daily issues of dressing, bathing, grooming, continence care, nutrition and hydration. Like its companion volume, it is highly practical and surprisingly light-hearted. Families and professionals will find it easy to read and easy to put to instant use.

Activities of Daily Living – an ADL Guide to Alzheimer’s CareKindle

Activities of Daily Living – an ADL Guide to Alzheimer’s CareAudiobook

Praise for Wait Lifters, formerly Wiser Now Wednesday

Kathy Laurenhue’s Wiser Now Wednesday is the only email I eagerly open each week and I’m on a lot of email lists. It always makes me laugh and think by providing me with thoughtful material that I didn’t even know I needed until I read it. I marvel at how chock full of information it is. Plus, the fun games to play keep my brain working and as a neuro artist, I’m all about brains!
~ neuro artist Laura Bundesen

Kathy’s Wiser Now Wednesday is chock full of interesting information and programming possibilities, all around a single topic. I am always amazed how many different things—from quotes to quizzes to trivia to art—she can pull together. And it is presented in her signature lighthearted and “punny” style that is always fun to read. I suggest everyone sign up for the newsletter. It will make your Wednesdays.
~ Nancy Ewald, owner/founder of Activity Connection

I love the wisdom and fun you provide. Even my grandkids enjoy the riddles, quizzes, and puns.
~ Cheryl Fell, Nurse FUNshine

Getting through midweek is sometimes a challenge. It is why I look forward to my Wiser Now Wednesday email. It always has something to help me realize how wonderful the world is and why I need to be grateful for it.
~ Allen Klein, author of The AWE Factor, Embracing Life After Loss, and The Healing Power of Humor

You rock!  Always love your newsletter.  I just ordered you book.  You are an inspiration.  Thanks for making my life better today.
~ Patricia Ryan Madson, author of Improv Wisdom

If you appreciate creativity, laughter and imaginative learning— Wiser Now Wednesday is a MUST READ.   It will engage your curiosity, tickle your funny bone and bring delightful joy to your day. I continue to share it with countless friends, and you will want to do so, too.
~ Mary Kay Morrison, author of Legacy of Laughter, founder of the AATH Humor Academy

Thank you for your constancy of ideas, compassion, and encouragement. WNW is always uplifting, practical, and inspiring.
~ Steve Wilson, Creator of the World Laughter Tour, Inc.