Presidential Matters


The U.S. Presidents and First Ladies are presented here in lighthearted ways – no political agenda. 


Politics have long been controversial, but these exercises introduce the U.S. Presidents and First Ladies in a more lighthearted way.

  • 6 trivia quizzes on presidential tidbits from pets to peculiar breakfast habits
  • A quiz on presidential inaugurations
  • Quizzes and fun facts on First Lady accomplishments and First Lady firsts
  • A quiz on what you may not know about the Lincoln bedroom
  • An invitation to discuss some of President Eisenhower’s quotes. He was the last President who was a military general and served as Supreme Commander of the troops landing in France on D-Day in World War II. Yet he hated war.

These 130 slides help humanize a remarkable group of men and women in both fun and fascinating ways.