Strengthening Brains & Human Connections

Wiser Now uses creative brain games, trivia quizzes, word play, and imaginative exercises in its publications and training with the following in mind:

2 goals:

  • To help you make new brain connections
  • To help you make stronger human connections

3 means:

  • Lighthearted content for conversation starters and engagement
  • Creative brain game content to keep curiosity alive
  • Practical content for training solutions

3 broad audiences:

  • Individuals who want to keep their brains joyfully engaged wherever they may be
  • People with family and friends who crave engaging conversations
  • Professionals who want to keep other people’s brains engaged

4 primary downloadable products:

Wait Lifters

(Formerly Wiser Now Wednesday)

Unique, lighthearted, brain-stimulating content for curiosity-filled people everywhere and anyone waiting anywhere

Visually Vibrant Exercises

Trivia quizzes, word games, and more as slide shows for any screen


eBooks created from 3 years of Wiser Now Wednesday content (coming soon), plus other books on creative activities and caregiving guidelines

Online Courses for Activity Professionals

Engagement expertise at your own pace (under revision)