Display-a-Day Slide Shows

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In a visual world, Wiser Now’s upbeat theme-based slide shows featuring trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and imaginative/ reminiscence exercises are the perfect addition to

• Senior settings for engaging programming
• School classrooms for learning fun
• Healthcare waiting rooms to reduce anxiety
• Restaurants for “hangry” customers
• Homes for positive family or home health aide interaction

Each show of 100+ slides contains 5 – 15 separate exercises adaptable for showing to groups on a large screen TV or one-to-one on an iPad or tablet, providing multiple hours of family-friendly programming. Click on the images below to learn more and see excerpts for many.

Cost is for use by a single community or location. If you wish to purchase any of the slide shows for 10 or more communities or locations, contact us about group pricing.

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