Slide Shows

Recognizing that today’s audiences are far more visual than paper oriented, we have developed a series of trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and imaginative/ reminiscence exercises into themed slide shows that combine the fun we are known for with thrilling graphics. See an excerpt from Bird Brains below.

Bird Brains Excerpt

Each slide show is adaptable for showing to groups on a large screen TV or one-to-one on an ipad or tablet.

Each consists of over 100 slides making them useful for multiple hours of programming. (Those with over 125 slides are priced slightly higher.) Because each quiz question is followed by an answer slide, and because the discussion topics draw on opinions and experiences, each show is adaptable for people with dementia and equally fun for all ages and abilities.

Cost is for use by a single community. If you wish to purchase any of the slide shows for 10 or more communities, contact us about group pricing.

Coming soon:

• Nostalgia TV
• Presidential Matters
• School Daze

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