Grief and End-of-Life Care Webinar



At the end of our lives, we want to be surrounded by people who love us. We want our lives to have mattered to others. This webinar provides sensitive guidelines for residents, staff, and families using in part hospice principles and ideas from Joyce Simard’s Namaste Care program. It specifically addresses issues related to helping families cope with the dying of their loved one and providing comfort care in residential care settings. It addresses how to honor the person immediately following death and through funeral and memorial services, memorial gifts, and ongoing reminders of the person’s life. It also covers what to say and not say when someone has died through words or thank you letters and how to have a discussion of death as an enlightening and even amusing programming activity.

The course includes a downloadable mp3 file which you can watch and listen to (or simply listen to), a comprehensive handout, and a pre- and post-test. Upon passing the post test, you will be sent a certificate awarding you 2 CEUs from NCCAP (for activity professionals).