Webinars and Online Courses

Over the past many years, Kathy has written more than 40 online courses and created more than 40 webinars for specific clients. She has also become an independent NCCAP provider for activity professionals. She is known for:
• Jam-packed hours
• Practical, instantly usable information and ideas
• Lighthearted delivery

While she is in the process of converting all these to purchasable, downloadable webinars or written courses with narration for instant accessibility, please consider engaging Kathy for a live webinar that can be recorded for your company’s ongoing use. Contact her at Kathy@WiserNow.com.

Here are her top 20 favorite topics to present on:
• Animal Activities – Live and Virtual
• Art and Art Appreciation for Non-artists
• The Beauty of Themes
• Being Sane about December Holidays
• Celebrating Unusual Holidays
• Creative Word Games Anyone Can Lead
• Dementia Review: Adapting Activities
• End-of-Life Care – Grief, Memorial Services and Moving On
• The Fabulous Fifties
• Focusing on the Men
• Good News – Media Alternatives
• Life Stories – Not Just Names and Dates
• Music Matters
• Nature Nurtures
• Number Activities Minus the Math
• Poetry Programming Demystified
• Romance and Friendships as Programming Topics
• Strengthening Family Relationships
• Time Management
• Versatile Volunteers

Today, the following highly-rated courses are available and approved for 2 CEUs by NCCAP.

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