Webinars and Online Courses

Over the past many years, Kathy has written more than 40 online courses and created more than 40 webinars for specific clients. She has also become an independent NCCAP provider for activity professionals. During this time, she has developed a strong reputation for jam-packing every hour with practical, instantly usable information offered in a light-hearted style.

She is now in the process of adding updated versions to this website of many of these courses and webinars for both CEUs and personal edification.

Today, the following highly-rated course is available and approved for 2 CEUs by NCCAP.

Typical testimonial:
“I found the course very valuable. I have attended time management classes in the past and they were not as detailed as this was and did not include as many examples. I loved the “I am a great multitasker” exercise. I also appreciated the to do lists. This is definitely relevant to my work . . . I would highly recommend this webinar. ”
~ Carol L White, MSW, CDP, CADDCT, Lakeland, FL

Watch this space for much more in the coming months.

And if you would like to hire Kathy to customize webinars for your organization, contact her at Kathy@WiserNow.com

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