Kathy first began devoting her journalism and curriculum development skills to the field of aging while caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease in the late 1980s. Some people still know her for the Alzheimer’s Tips Wiser Now newsletter she produced through much of the 1990s. The lighthearted and practical approach she has always used are directly descended from her mother’s wisdom. The products here are reflections of the years of experience and knowledge gained ever since then.

Cheerful Thoughts for Stressful Days

This is a terrific pick-me-up for down days. It provides keys for tapping into your emotional intelligence with more than a dollop of humor. Sure to make you and others smile.

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Driving and Dementia

Driving and dementia is a challenging issue for nearly everyone who interacts with people with dementia. This booklet provides practical advice on: recognizing when a driver is unsafe suggestions for handling the issue of keeping an unsafe person from driving … Continued

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Improv Wisdom

Great ideas for using the principles of improvisational theatre and applying them to caregiving. This short booklet provides practical tips while it makes you smile. A terrific training resource, too. 7 pages in .pdf format.

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