From training tips to activities, our staff development materials are top notch. Author Kathy Laurenhue is an instructional technologist who has written multi-media training related to aging well for 25 years. She continues to create customized courses for several international clients. Enjoy these easy-to-use guides.

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22 Creative Training Tips to Use Instantly

Enjoy these ideas that require no (or minimal) prep time for ice-breakers, energizers, closings, and teaching core concepts. Most are adaptable for all ages; all will make you look clever as you build group cohesiveness and make your key points … Continued

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Fishing Activities Leader’s Guide and Handouts

Fishing Activities Leader’s Guide and Handouts is a new version of an idea Kathy Laurenhue had in the 1990s. Here you will find comprehensive information on how to develop a fishing club, plan a fishing outing, and how to add … Continued

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Life Stories – Best Qualities

Best Qualities is another of Kathy Laurenhue’™s most popular exercises. This one builds self-esteem while giving you great insights into how others want to be seen,“ and therefore, how to develop stronger bonds with them. The second version helps you … Continued

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Life Stories – Choose One

Choose One is one of the most popular exercises in Kathy Laurenhue’s repertoire for creating fun while discovering people’s interests, preferences and values. The handout and leader’™s guide is adapted and excerpted from Kathy’s book, Getting to Know the Life Stories … Continued

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Poetry Programming Demystified

Poetry Programming Demystified is a course developed for Activity Teacher, a division of Activity Connection. If you need CEUs, take it from them.  It was developed in part to take the Wiser Now Mind Play booklet “Pleasing Poetry,” beyond the … Continued

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