MindPlay Connections

Wiser Now’s core product is MindPlay Connections™ – a playground for your mind

cover BroadwayMusicalsDo you want to have fun keeping your mind active?

Would you like creative topics of conversation at your fingertips?

Do you want to nurture your wide-ranging curiosity?

MindPlay Connections™ is a series of themed, downloadable, family-friendly, printable

  • trivia quizzes
  • word games
  • discussion topics and
  • reminiscence/imaginative exercises

Each title offers 25 – 35 pages and is packed with 12 – 20 exercises, almost all of which are meant to make you smile. Print out a page at a time or the whole publication.

Our goal for these exercises is always two-fold:

  1. cover LoveandMarriagePart1To help you make new connections in your brain – We want you to learn something new, because new information creates new pathways. When you only retrieve what you already know, you are creating brain ruts rather than new roads.
  2. To help you make new connections with others, because our social networks are vital to our wellbeing, and fun shared is fun multiplied.

We’re adding new titles every month, plus a variety of bonus materials, so check back often – or sign-up for one of our membership options, and let nothing pass you by.

Invite your mind out to play with MindPlay Connections