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Our purpose

products01If you are an older adult – Baby Boomers on up – Wiser Now will help you keep an active mind through

• original games and exercises
• product reviews
• interactive training, presentations, and publications.

Fun Fuels The Brain

Because fun fuels the brain, we focus on a lighthearted touch with the goals of helping you to make

  1. new connections in your brain (Keep your curiosity alive) and
  2. new connections with others by sharing the exercises and talking about what you learn, because a strong social network is one of the top three keys to aging well.

Our clients are individuals who want to keep their own minds active and organizations that serve an older audience. (Teachers like us, too.)

wisernowstoreClick on the Store tab in the menu bar and you will see the wide (and expanding) range of products we have to offer in the form of:

  • downloadable, printable files,
  • CDs with printable exercises and
  • a flash drive offering a comprehensive training course on activity programming that includes audio interviews, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and resources

We also offer customized content for print media (fillers, columns, booklets), placemats, tablets (convertible to large screen TVs), websites and blogs. Our training takes the form of live presentations, webinars, and downloadable and print materials.

Would you like to see samples?

We usually create activities based on a theme. Following are samples based on the theme of colors.

Our core product is a monthly edition of MindPlay Connections™ which is essentially 25-30 downloadable pages of

image002Twice a month we email out free excerpts from MindPlay Connections in the form of a newsletter called Just a Bite. Sign up at right.

Once a week, as you can see here, we review a new product for keeping minds active at www.BrainGameProductReviews.com. If it needs adaptations to serve older adults well, we tell you how.

Because nurturing our sense of humor is essential to vital aging, many of our exercises such as this word game about Tom Swifties and this example from our second blog, www.ACheeringWord.com, focused on knitting insurrections, incorporate humor.

Other Wiser Now ProductsWe can also incorporate a theme into creative training games. While each MindPlay Connections title features enough exercises to keep the theme going with several exercises for every week in a month, your need may be different. Perhaps you’d like a placemat, a word of the day, a little art, a littlemusic, a few quotations, or a Power Point trivia quiz that plays on a tablet for individual use or that can be hooked up to a large screen TV.

And we can take this theme further by talking about unusual brains, such as writing a discussion about people with synesthesia who see letters and numbers as colors or recommending tablet apps that let people play with colors such as This Is Sand.

We’re here to help you connect with the people you serve – even when you are serving yourself!


The ha-ha represents the need for exercises to be fun, first because relaxed learners learn more, and second because people who are having fun exercise more often and longer. Plus, laughter brings oxygen to the brain to literally “freshen” your thinking.

The ah-ha represents the new information and new ideas we expose you to. The aim is to arouse your curiosity, because when you learn something new, your brain grows new dendrites, meaning it makes new connections, or grows new pathways.

The aaaahhh indicates you have gotten lost in the pleasure of doing something you enjoy. Time flows.