Consulting on how to build an atmosphere of gratitude, goodwill and fun within your organization as advocated in our book, Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play. (See

Webinars and on-site training on wide-ranging topics related to life enrichment, aging, gratitude and well-being, playfulness, dementia, and family relationships.

Online courses and downloadable training documents related to helping older adults age well (See “Staff development” in our store for a few of the downloadable documents.)

Brain-stimulating content – Do you need a trivia quiz, word game or other brain-stimulating exercise on a particular topic? We can provide it for you to customize to any print media form.

Providing slide shows for large screen TV showing – We are converting many of the MindPlay Connections™ titles to Power Point slide shows with just one question at a time displayed on the screen. This works well in groups and with people with dementia.

Condensing Activity Connection’s Special Days – Activity Connection is a fabulous resource for long-term care communities, but can be overwhelming to life enrichment staff pulled in multiple directions. By condensing the offerings, we ease planning and give leaders more time with residents/clients. (A service approved by Activity Connection.)