How can we help your harried life?

Brain-stimulating content – Do you need a trivia quiz, word game or other brain-stimulating exercise on a particular topic? We provide themed MindPlay Connections™ titles of 12 -20 exercises as well as individual exercises. We can provide the customizable content in downloadable, printable form or as a pdf slide show for large screen TV viewing with just one question at a time displayed on the screen. The latter works particularly well in groups, one-on-one with a tablet device, and with people with dementia. Check out the range of activities by clicking on the links below.

Webinars and on-site training on wide-ranging topics related to life enrichment, aging, gratitude and well-being, playfulness, dementia, and family relationships.

Online courses and downloadable training documents related to helping older adults age well (See “Staff development” in our store for a few of the downloadable documents.)

Consulting on how to build an atmosphere of gratitude, goodwill and fun within your organization as advocated in our book, Creating Delight – Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play. (See

Anything else? Ask us directly about other needs you may have in serving older adults, and we’ll do our best to come to your aid or find someone who can.