Whimsical Art, Part 1 – Faces and Figures Slideshow & Leader’s Guide


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This slide show and leader’s guide combination is highly informative and a terrific bargain for group leaders, as it provides more background and teaching aids than the slide show only. If, however, you are interested in purchasing the slide show only, it can be found here for $15.

Have you seen the Mona Lisa in peanut butter and jelly? Or hamburger grease? Have you seen portraits done in Legos or 100,000 hole punch dots? “Whimsical Art, Part 1 – Faces and Figures” covers more than a dozen artists using unusual mediums to create original art or recreate famous works. It’s fun; it’s fascinating. It encourages curiosity and creativity, and it’s easily subdivided for several hours of high-spirited interactivity.

Use the leader’s guide to help participants learn how the human eye is naturally drawn to faces and figures and the unusual techniques truly talented artists use to draw viewers’ attention. The course begins with pareidolia – our tendency to see faces in inanimate objects such as building facades, appliances, and tools – and then shows examples of artists’ creations in seashells, wooden eggs, Legos, toilet paper rolls, telephone books, maps, bananas, and many other mediums. It ends with multi-media examples of reproductions of the Mona Lisa.