Activities of Daily Living – an ADL Guide for Alzheimer’s Care

The companion book to Laurenhue’s “Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – an ABC Guide,” this book covers the daily issues of dressing, bathing, grooming, continence care, nutrition and hydration. Like its companion volume, it is highly practical and surprisingly light-hearted. Families and … Continued

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Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – an ABC Guide

Essential Alzheimer’s guidelines featuring Laurenhue’s trademark blend of practicality and lightheartedness. This first book in a remarkable set provides both family and professional caregivers palatable and compassionate advice and answers that can be instantly put to use. Main topics: patterns … Continued

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Creating Delight: Connecting Gratitude, Humor, and Play for All Ages

Creating Delight is a mildly subversive, highly practical and entertaining alternative to the gaggle of gratitude promoters who seem a bit too serious about adding joy to your life. While the authors are in absolute agreement with the inspiring experts … Continued

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What’s Left? Holidays & Seasons: A word game puzzle book that reveals fun or inspiring quotations

What’s Left? is a puzzle format like Where’s Waldo with words. Instead of sorting through the muddled mayhem to find the red and white lines of a cap and shirt, you are sorting through tangled terms to read the bright … Continued

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