Quote to ponder under the apple tree

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the
reason is to throw little torches out to lead people
through the dark.
~ Whoopi Goldberg

This Just a Bite focuses on the MindPlay Connections™ title “November Holidays” and specifically on gratitude as represented by the American celebration of Thanksgiving.  Try out the exercises here and then consider purchasing the complete exercises in the above titles, and all 10 titles in Volume 3, “Holidays and Seasons” in our store (

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Trivia quiz: Talking Turkey

image008Although Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving more than a month earlier than U.S. citizens – in part because it was originally an expression of gratitude for the harvest, and harvesting is done earlier in Canada’s colder climate – both countries love turkey as a main course. What do you know about this bird?

Can you choose the right answer? If not, look it up and learn!

  1. Turkeys are the only breed of poultry native to the Western Hemisphere.

True ___      False ___

  1. They are believed to have been around for about 25 million years.

True ___      False ___

  1. Which of statements about wild turkeys are true? (Check all that apply)

a. Their head and neck areas can turn blue during courtship ___

b. They sometimes spend the night in trees ___

c. They can have heart attacks when frightened by too loud noises such as jets breaking the sound barrier ___

d. Their average lifespan is three to four years (vs. 6 months for domesticated turkeys) ___

4. What is the long fleshy growth that hangs down over a turkey’s beak?

a. Snood ___

b. Hackle ___

c. Gizzard ___

d. Wattle ___

  1. image010What is the elastic, flesh-like appendage that hangs off a turkey’s neck?

a. Snood ___

b. Hackle ___

c. Gizzard ___

d. Wattle ___

  1. Which country consumes the most turkey per year per capita?

a. England ___

b. Israel ___

c. Mexico ___

d. United States ___

(Answers at  end of publication)

image012“The best way to thaw a frozen turkey?
Blow in its ear.”
— Johnny Carson


Imagine: What Are You Grateful For?

 Research has shown that we can lower our stress levels by regularly making a list of what we are grateful for. In many families, it is traditional to ask each person at the Thanksgiving table to name something he or she appreciates, which can be both amusing and endearing.

image014Here is an idea adapted from the website for creating a Gratitude Jar that can be used at Thanksgiving or all year round:

For an ongoing version, each evening before bed (or at least one night a week) write down something you are grateful for (even the simplest thing will do) on a strip of paper, sign and date it, and put it in the container. Add flourishes – illustrations, happy faces, various colored inks . . . Make this a ritual, and you are likely to soon find that when you end each day with gratitude, sleep comes more easily.

Start now. What are you grateful for?

Food for thought: World Hello Day is November 21

image016The annual World Hello Day was begun in 1973 as a response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel and was intended to demonstrate the importance of personal communication for preserving world peace. (See It is now practiced in 180 countries. How do you participate? Easy:

Simply greet 10 people you would otherwise not greet, and encourage them to do the same throughout the day. And don’t forget to smile.

Word Game: Words from Gratitude

How many words can you make from the word “gratitude”? See the end of this publication for some of the answers.



Answers to turkey quiz:

  1. True2. False*   3. All    4. a    5. d    6. b

* Turkeys originated in North and Central America, and evidence indicates that they have been around for over 10 million years.

Some answers to the Gratitude Word Game: (We’ve left out most of the 3-letter words)

  • adieu
  • aged
  • aide
  • aider
  • aired
  • are
  • argue
  • argued
  • arid
  • ate
  • attire
  • attired
  • audit
  • auger
  • dare
  • dart
  • date
  • dear
  • diet
  • dire
  • dirge
  • dirt
  • drag
  • drat
  • dreg
  • drug
  • due
  • duet
  • ear
  • edit
  • era
  • gait
  • gate
  • gated
  • gaudier
  • gear
  • get
  • gird
  • grade
  • grate
  • grated
  • great
  • grid
  • grit
  • guard
  • guide
  • guider
  • guitar
  • gutted
  • gutter
  • idea
  • irate
  • ire
  • rage
  • raged
  • raid
  • rate
  • rated
  • ratted
  • read
  • red
  • retag
  • ridge
  • ride
  • rude
  • rued
  • rug
  • rutted
  • target
  • taut
  • tauter
  • tea
  • tear
  • tetra
  • tide
  • tied
  • tier
  • tiger
  • tirade
  • tire
  • tired
  • trade
  • trait
  • tread
  • treat
  • triad
  • triage
  • triaged
  • trudge
  • true
  • tried
  • trite
  • turgid
  • urge
  • urged
  • utter

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