Foreign Language Fun

Foreign Language Fun offers more than a dozen word quizzes and discussions related to language and its tricky translations in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, plus British, Scottish, Irish and Aussie English to prove the diversity even among English-speakers! The exercises … Continued

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Literature Light

Literature Light covers awful authors, 6-word novels, children’™s authors, fairy tales, changing endings, book dedications, and other convincing reasons that reading is fun.    

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Money Matters

Money Matters provides trivia quizzes, word games and discussion topics on matters about money, and an imaginative exercise or two on why money doesn’t always matter, or at least why it isn’™t the only way to be rich.  

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Nimble Numbers

The numbers 1 – 10 (and some that are higher) pop up everywhere in our lives“ in – songs, slogans, proverbs and perfect 10s, and in calories burned, steps climbed and fabric measured. You’ll be surprised by what you know … Continued

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Pleasing Poetry

Most of us first encountered poetry in nursery rhymes and loved what we heard, but somewhere along the line, poetry’s delights -“ the fun of language, the rhythm and the humor – got lost. This booklet brings back those lost … Continued

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MPC-PresidentialMatters (2)
Presidential Matters

Presidential Matters covers surprising trivia about U.S. Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and First Ladies, as well as discussions on topics as varied as the Lincoln penny and White House séances. Vote for this one.      

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School Daze

School Daze is a booklet full of memories, bloopers, and positive messages for overloaded brains. School was probably never this much fun, but why shouldn’™t it be now? These exercises will keep you from ever wanting to play hooky again! And … Continued

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