Broadway Musicals

Broadway Musicals takes 10 of our best-loved stage and movie musicals and turns them into trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and backstage insights. You will feel an uncontrollable urge to sing along and tap your feet -“ or perhaps … Continued

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Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians takes trivia on all the early TV westerns Roy Rogers to Gunsmoke and combines them with famous Indians, Indian names, and World War II code talkers.  If you ever owned a Davy Crockett lunch box, wanted a … Continued

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Humorous Quotations

Humorous Quotations lets you lean on the wit of others when you are at a loss for words. We’ve taken the funny (and a few poignant) sayings of comedians, playwrights, authors and humorists and turned them into trivia quizzes, word … Continued

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Movie Nostalgia

Movie Nostalgia -“ From movies like “œCasablanca” in the Golden Age of the 1940s and 50s to the monster movie craze, you will find trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and imaginative exercises to surprise and delight you in this memory-filled … Continued

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Music to Lighten the Mood

Music to Lighten the Mood will have you whistling a happy tune as you imagine yourself as a rock star, play Mondegreens, match quirky country music titles, and learn about “œThe Really Terrible Orchestra,” among other interesting performers.  

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Mysterious Fun

Mysterious Fun Be forewarned: I do not like to be scared, so the mysteries you’ll find in this booklet focus on fun and information more than fright. But if I don’™t send chills up your spine, I know I’ll light … Continued

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Nostalgia TV

Nostalgia TV, unlike most of our booklets, features just two types of exercises: trivia quizzes and discussions, and, oh, the fun you will have with them! Situation comedies and game shows are the primary focus (look for other genres in … Continued

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Odd Celebrations

Odd Celebrations proves beyond a doubt that people just want to have fun. A full range of trivia quizzes, imaginative exercises, word games and discussions on quirky festivals of every sort from a baby jumping contest to the world’€™s fastest … Continued

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Offbeat Trivia Quizzes

Offbeat Trivia Quizzes is a collection of a dozen trivia quizzes on subjects that mostly defy categorization: how radio action sounds are created, which is which (times three), which is a lie, games and puzzle creation, honorable mentions, “Could they … Continued

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Rolling Along

Rolling Along is our first mini MindPlay title covering all things that roll or come in rolls from roller coasters to cinnamon rolls. You’™ll roll merrily along with this one.  

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