apcover_blowinghot&cold (2)
Blowing Hot and Cold

Blowing Hot and Cold covers the discomfort of extreme temperatures, the comfort of both warm and cold foods (and the discomfort of spicy ones), plus dozens of expressions and other delights to warm a cold night.

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Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful will put you in the pink as you test your knowledge of the symbolism of colors, fill in the blanks on colorful expressions, match colors to moods, learn about color in other cultures, and much more. Plus … Continued

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Firsts is not about winning, but about doing. It offers word games, trivia quizzes, and imaginative exercises on first letters of the alphabet, first time events, entertaining firsts, first class, first cousins, firsthand knowledge, and the first to invent – … Continued

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cover_Fun withDotsAndLines
Fun with Dots and Lines

Fun with Dots and Lines is devoted to all things round and linear, from polka dots to cherry pies and borderlines to actors’™ lines. You’™ll find trivia quizzes, discussion topics, imaginative exercises, and word games on everything from viewpoints to … Continued

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Lasts, Endings and Odds and Ends

Lasts, Endings and Odds and Ends provides the counter weight to Firsts, offering novel endings, weird wills, creative epitaphs, last laughs, funny and famous last words, plus a variety of “œthe end is in sight” word games. Enjoy its lasting … Continued

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Minding Your Ps and Qs

Minding Your Ps and Qs is partly about minding your manners and partly about those two peculiar and quirky letters, all adding up to a pleasant pastime.    

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Pleasing Poetry

Most of us first encountered poetry in nursery rhymes and loved what we heard, but somewhere along the line, poetry’s delights -“ the fun of language, the rhythm and the humor – got lost. This booklet brings back those lost … Continued

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apcover_purelypuns (2)
Purely Puns

Purely Puns covers sound alike and double sounds, puns, daffynitions, spoonerisms, and more in words games and trivia quizzes. It could be verse.

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cover_TheLightFantastic (2)
The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic covers light in its many forms – electric, fire, sun, stars, moon, music, and myth. It’s also about taking yourself lightly, enlightening experiences and the light metaphors of life.

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apcover_thelongandshortofit (2)
The Long and Short of It

The Long and Short of It will amaze you with just how many variations on that theme are possible, while also providing information on record setters.

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apcover_soundofsilencefullnessofspace (2)
The Sound of Silence, the Fullness of Space

Sound of Silence, Fullness of Space uses a variety of mind play exercises to build your awareness of noise and quiet, empty and full. Fill up your senses with this one!

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