Fast Food for Thought

Fast Food for Thought covers more than a dozen exercises related to hotdogs, pizza, coffee, tea, beer, sandwiches, popcorn, and other comfort food. Enjoy the trivia, word games, discussion topics and reminisce about some of your favorite – or most … Continued

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cover_fruittonuts (2)
Fruit to Nuts

Fruit to Nuts offers a healthy dose of songs and symbols, nutty puns, fine art and odd facts, old legends and living-legend watermelon carvers.

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cover_GoodForYou (2)
Good and Good for You

Good and Good for You is a counter weight to Fast Food for Thought and presents a lighthearted view of eating a healthy diet. Plus, the intro establishes the importance of two parts to easy digestion: good food and good … Continued

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Sweets for the Sweet

Sweets for the Sweet is more than a spoonful of sugary delights about cookies, candy, ice cream, chocolate, and sweet memories. Bite into this issue whole-heartedly.

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