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Friends, Families and Relatives – MPC Volume 2 CD

Each 25 – 30 -page publication in this series of downloadable material offers at least a dozen activities. Volume 1 contains: 1. It’s All Relative, Part 1  2. It’s All Relative, Part 2  3. Love and Marriage, Part 1 4. … Continued

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From the Bottom of My Heart

From the Bottom of My Heart celebrates each friend we love, because we now know one of the most important elements of aging well is a strong social network that includes friends we can count on. The celebration comes in … Continued

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Inspiring People

Inspiring People includes biographies and/or quotations from dozens of amazing individuals in the form of trivia quizzes, discussion topics and word games. It’™s a feel-good booklet sure to restore your faith in humanity, while providing many hours of conversation on … Continued

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It’s All Relative, Part 1

It’s All Relative, Part 1 covers the previous generation’s“ grandparents, aunts and uncles, plus how we got our surnames, how we’™re related, and how we see our families. Here’™s a chance to remember and share your best family stories. It … Continued

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It’s All Relative, Part 2

It’s All Relative, Part 2 offers more on surnames, and then focuses on famous siblings, our siblings, children and grandchildren, with a couple of related word games thrown in. Learn why nostalgia is a mood lifter, and then share your … Continued

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Love & Marriage Part 1

Love and Marriage, Part 1 offers more than a dozen word games, trivia quizzes, imaginative exercises and informative discussion topics that include gender differences, pick-up lines, marriage rituals, terms of endearment, cynics’™ view of marriage and much more. You’ll find … Continued

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Love & Marriage Part 2

Love and Marriage, Part 2 continues the fun of Part 1, using the same categories and new topics including famous couples, punny marriages, to flirt or not to flirt, retro romance, add-a-latter word game and much more. We know you’™ll … Continued

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Mothers and Fathers

Mothers and Fathers was written in honor of the spring holidays celebrating them. It covers the best and worst of those in the animal kingdom and some of the most beloved on TV. We ask for reminiscences of lesson and … Continued

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Nifty Names

Nifty Names celebrates the fun and variety of people’s names from apt names (names that fit a person’s occupation) to zany names like Ina Funk and Lowe Gear. You will learn about pen names, eponyms and anagrams, how to remember … Continued

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Our Better Selves

Our Better Selves provides encouraging exercises related to happiness, kindness, friendship and more while drawing out compliments on your unique talents. Learning about doing good has never felt so good!

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Sharing Our Young Hearts

Sharing Our Young Hearts provides exercises that are intended to be done intergenerationally. It draws largely on other MPC titles that have been slightly revised in order to make them user friendly to a wide range of ages. Created as … Continued

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