Aging Well

Aging Well: Rest, Recreation and Resilience. The content is mostly in the title – from word games featuring aging with grace to trivia on good news, and discussion topics ranging from retaining one’s sense of humor to giving good advice. … Continued

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Brainy Thoughts

Brainy Thoughts is for anyone fascinated with how the brain works. Written in layman’s language, it covers the five senses, a wide variety of other topics like remembering jokes and names, procrastination, and why friends are good for your brain. … Continued

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Golly, We’re Gullible

Golly, We’re Gullible! takes a portion of Spring Forward devoted to April Fool’s Day and adds to it exercises about showman P.T. Barnum, foolish quotes, humbug memories, and a bit of science behind it all. Lots of fun and tomfoolery … Continued

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Our Amazing Bodies

Our Amazing Bodies. The physiology of human beings is amazing and a surprising lot of it is not understood, but here we’ve tried our best to delightfully enlighten you. From the surprising differences between men and women to missing body … Continued

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