Animals and Nature – MPC Volume 1 CD

Each 25 – 30 -page publication in this series of downloadable material offers at least a dozen activities. Volume 1 contains: 1. Down on the Farm 2. Bird Brains on the Farm 3. In the Garden 4. Tree-mendous Trees 5. … Continued

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Ants, Bees and Butterflies

Ant, Bees, and Butterflies is a honey of an issue that also features facts on ladybugs, crickets, caterpillars and more. We talk about insect flavors and fables, symbols and sounds, quotes and quirky research + much, much more. You will … Continued

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Bird Brains

Bird Brains provides fascinating facts on fabulous birds while busting the myth that birds aren’™t bright. Lots of trivia quizzes, word games and interesting ways to let your imagination soar. People will flock to this one.  

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Bird Brains on the Farm

Bird Brains on the Farm is the domesticated version of Bird Brains covering chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. You’™ll learn a gaggle of new facts and find the rhyming word games, trivia quizzes, and discussion topics just ducky.  

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Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm provides a “œbarn-full” of trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and more on cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and mules. It’™s meant as an accompaniment to “œCluck, Quack and Honk,” on domestic birds, and all … Continued

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Forest Creatures

Forest Creatures covers the myths, symbolism and odd facts about animals in the woods, along with a surprising variety of word games, including puns, of course.

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In the Garden

In the Garden focuses on flowers, fruits, vegetables and nuts (mostly the plant variety) and covers perennials and puns (of course), garden gifts, garden gnomes, and much more. This flower-centric booklet will put you in a beautiful frame of mind … Continued

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cover_OurNationalParks (2)
Our National Parks

Our National Parks. Getting outdoors is good for mind, body and spirit. Use this title to renew your dedication to going outdoors daily and breathing deeply.  From odd park facts and Lewis and Clark’s odd trinkets to a dozen other … Continued

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Pet Patter Part 1

Pet Patter, Part 1 offers more than a dozen word games, trivia quizzes, imaginative exercises and informative discussion topics that include riddles, “pet” words, pet intelligence, astrologically-matched pets, dogs in TV and movies and much more. If you’ve ever owned … Continued

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Pet Patter Part 2

Pet Patter, Part 2 continues the fun of Part 1, using the same categories and new topics including famous dog owners, going overboard with pet inventions, “catty” language, dogs in children’s books, and more. Doggone, you need this one, too!

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Tree-mendous Trees

Tree-mendous Trees is a booklet that’™s good for both brain and boosting spirits. You will learn more than you knew about a broad cross-section of trees, and you will enjoy exercises that contribute to the “aaahness of being.” Let the … Continued

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