Always aimed at having fun with others, MindPlay Connections™ is a series of family-friendly, themed, word games, discussion topics and reminiscence/imaginative exercises.

Each title offers 25 – 35 pages and is packed with 12 – 20 exercises with the dual goal of helping you make 1) new connections in your brain, and 2) new connections with others, because our social networks are vital to our well being, and fun shared is fun multiplied.
All titles are available in downloadable/printable format. Three volumes of 8 – 10 titles are available as CDs. Brief descriptions of each title can be found here.

Check out our free MindPlay Connections™ downloads: The Philosophy, Adapting for Dementia, Using It Effectively.

Adapting for Dementia

This free download explains adapting MindPlay Connections for people with Dementia.

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Aging Well

Aging Well: Rest, Recreation and Resilience. The content is mostly in the title – from word games featuring aging with grace to trivia on good news, and discussion topics ranging from retaining one’s sense of humor to giving good advice. … Continued

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Aloha, Hawaii

Aloha, Hawaii was written to coincide with its statehood anniversary, but is primarily meant to honor the Aloha spirit with exercises related to foods and fabrics, music and movies, dance, a Duke, and many other delights.

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Animals and Nature – MPC Volume 1 CD

Each 25 – 30 -page publication in this series of downloadable material offers at least a dozen activities. Volume 1 contains: 1. Down on the Farm 2. Bird Brains on the Farm 3. In the Garden 4. Tree-mendous Trees 5. … Continued

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Ants, Bees and Butterflies

Ant, Bees, and Butterflies is a honey of an issue that also features facts on ladybugs, crickets, caterpillars and more. We talk about insect flavors and fables, symbols and sounds, quotes and quirky research + much, much more. You will … Continued

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Aussies Down Under

Aussies Down Under is a celebration of an amazing continent and its delightful people. Enjoy learning a new language – Strine – and facts about Australia’s unusual animals, its Aborigines, inventors, and Big Things. This issue is overflowing with tantalizing … Continued

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Bird Brains

Bird Brains provides fascinating facts on fabulous birds while busting the myth that birds aren’™t bright. Lots of trivia quizzes, word games and interesting ways to let your imagination soar. People will flock to this one.  

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Bird Brains on the Farm

Bird Brains on the Farm is the domesticated version of Bird Brains covering chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. You’™ll learn a gaggle of new facts and find the rhyming word games, trivia quizzes, and discussion topics just ducky.  

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apcover_blowinghot&cold (2)
Blowing Hot and Cold

Blowing Hot and Cold covers the discomfort of extreme temperatures, the comfort of both warm and cold foods (and the discomfort of spicy ones), plus dozens of expressions and other delights to warm a cold night.

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Brainy Thoughts

Brainy Thoughts is for anyone fascinated with how the brain works. Written in layman’s language, it covers the five senses, a wide variety of other topics like remembering jokes and names, procrastination, and why friends are good for your brain. … Continued

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Broadway Musicals

Broadway Musicals takes 10 of our best-loved stage and movie musicals and turns them into trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and backstage insights. You will feel an uncontrollable urge to sing along and tap your feet -“ or perhaps … Continued

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By George! Geographic Names

By George! Geographic Names is a world-full of playful exercises that are both fun and informative. After providing exercises with irresistibly punny geographic names, we’™ve given you lots of opportunities to use your imagination for more, along with fascinating facts … Continued

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Celebrating the Irish

Celebrating the Irish is a green-themed series of exercises that doesn’™t require any form of Celtic heritage to enjoy. Cook up some cabbage, pour a bit of brew, let loose with a bit o’™ good-natured blarney and a few bars … Continued

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Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful will put you in the pink as you test your knowledge of the symbolism of colors, fill in the blanks on colorful expressions, match colors to moods, learn about color in other cultures, and much more. Plus … Continued

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Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians takes trivia on all the early TV westerns Roy Rogers to Gunsmoke and combines them with famous Indians, Indian names, and World War II code talkers.  If you ever owned a Davy Crockett lunch box, wanted a … Continued

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December Holidays

December Holidays is our longest publication -“ but then we all need more entertainment during the month of longest nights. Enjoy the extra discussions and exercises while getting into the jubilant and generous spirit of the season.

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Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm provides a “œbarn-full” of trivia quizzes, word games, discussion topics and more on cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and mules. It’™s meant as an accompaniment to “œCluck, Quack and Honk,” on domestic birds, and all … Continued

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Fascinated by Fall

Fascinated by Fall covers a bushel of topics about apples (Johnny Appleseed and William Tell), autumn events (Oktoberfest, anyone?), fall sports and colors in trivia and word games, plus reminiscences and a dozen more activities. You’™ll find supplements to the … Continued

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Fast Food for Thought

Fast Food for Thought covers more than a dozen exercises related to hotdogs, pizza, coffee, tea, beer, sandwiches, popcorn, and other comfort food. Enjoy the trivia, word games, discussion topics and reminisce about some of your favorite – or most … Continued

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Firsts is not about winning, but about doing. It offers word games, trivia quizzes, and imaginative exercises on first letters of the alphabet, first time events, entertaining firsts, first class, first cousins, firsthand knowledge, and the first to invent – … Continued

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Foreign Language Fun

Foreign Language Fun offers more than a dozen word quizzes and discussions related to language and its tricky translations in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, plus British, Scottish, Irish and Aussie English to prove the diversity even among English-speakers! The exercises … Continued

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Forest Creatures

Forest Creatures covers the myths, symbolism and odd facts about animals in the woods, along with a surprising variety of word games, including puns, of course.

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PO14157 MPC2 FACE-page-001
Friends, Families and Relatives – MPC Volume 2 CD

Each 25 – 30 -page publication in this series of downloadable material offers at least a dozen activities. Volume 1 contains: 1. It’s All Relative, Part 1  2. It’s All Relative, Part 2  3. Love and Marriage, Part 1 4. … Continued

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From the Bottom of My Heart

From the Bottom of My Heart celebrates each friend we love, because we now know one of the most important elements of aging well is a strong social network that includes friends we can count on. The celebration comes in … Continued

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cover_fruittonuts (2)
Fruit to Nuts

Fruit to Nuts offers a healthy dose of songs and symbols, nutty puns, fine art and odd facts, old legends and living-legend watermelon carvers.

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cover_Fun withDotsAndLines
Fun with Dots and Lines

Fun with Dots and Lines is devoted to all things round and linear, from polka dots to cherry pies and borderlines to actors’™ lines. You’™ll find trivia quizzes, discussion topics, imaginative exercises, and word games on everything from viewpoints to … Continued

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Golly, We’re Gullible

Golly, We’re Gullible! takes a portion of Spring Forward devoted to April Fool’s Day and adds to it exercises about showman P.T. Barnum, foolish quotes, humbug memories, and a bit of science behind it all. Lots of fun and tomfoolery … Continued

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cover_GoodForYou (2)
Good and Good for You

Good and Good for You is a counter weight to Fast Food for Thought and presents a lighthearted view of eating a healthy diet. Plus, the intro establishes the importance of two parts to easy digestion: good food and good … Continued

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Forget the vampires, zombies and skeletons and say hello to trick-or-treaters, pumpkin carving and apple bobbing. We’™ve got trivia on Halloween history, but mostly we’™re knocking on your door with knock-knock jokes, charming exercises, good fortune and great … Continued

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year is focused on parades, charms, and resolutions for the New Year with an emphasis on fun, good fortune and refusing to take yourself too seriously. Break out the champagne or the blacked eyed peas and settle in … Continued

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Holidays and Seasons – MPC Volume 3 CD

Each 25 – 30 -page publication in this series of downloadable material offers at least a dozen activities. Volume 1 contains 1. Summertime and the Living Is Easy  2. Summertime 2  3. HappyHalloween  4. November Celebrations  5. December Holidays  6. … Continued

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Humorous Quotations

Humorous Quotations lets you lean on the wit of others when you are at a loss for words. We’ve taken the funny (and a few poignant) sayings of comedians, playwrights, authors and humorists and turned them into trivia quizzes, word … Continued

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In the Garden

In the Garden focuses on flowers, fruits, vegetables and nuts (mostly the plant variety) and covers perennials and puns (of course), garden gifts, garden gnomes, and much more. This flower-centric booklet will put you in a beautiful frame of mind … Continued

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Inspiring People

Inspiring People includes biographies and/or quotations from dozens of amazing individuals in the form of trivia quizzes, discussion topics and word games. It’™s a feel-good booklet sure to restore your faith in humanity, while providing many hours of conversation on … Continued

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It’s All Relative, Part 1

It’s All Relative, Part 1 covers the previous generation’s“ grandparents, aunts and uncles, plus how we got our surnames, how we’™re related, and how we see our families. Here’™s a chance to remember and share your best family stories. It … Continued

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It’s All Relative, Part 2

It’s All Relative, Part 2 offers more on surnames, and then focuses on famous siblings, our siblings, children and grandchildren, with a couple of related word games thrown in. Learn why nostalgia is a mood lifter, and then share your … Continued

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Lasts, Endings and Odds and Ends

Lasts, Endings and Odds and Ends provides the counter weight to Firsts, offering novel endings, weird wills, creative epitaphs, last laughs, funny and famous last words, plus a variety of “œthe end is in sight” word games. Enjoy its lasting … Continued

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Literature Light

Literature Light covers awful authors, 6-word novels, children’™s authors, fairy tales, changing endings, book dedications, and other convincing reasons that reading is fun.    

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MPC-loveandmarriageP1 (2)
Love & Marriage Part 1

Love and Marriage, Part 1 offers more than a dozen word games, trivia quizzes, imaginative exercises and informative discussion topics that include gender differences, pick-up lines, marriage rituals, terms of endearment, cynics’™ view of marriage and much more. You’ll find … Continued

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